Santa Monica Art Studios Will be Bustling with New Art Shows on Saturday, June 13th!

Santa Monica Art Studios hosts another eclectic happening on Saturday, June 13th. In Arena 1, “KachoFugetsu: Flower Bird Wind Moon” will debut.

Image by Shisei Hashimura “Melancholy of Supermarket”

Curator Kio Griffith organized the international exhibition. He explains his concept for the exhibit, “The title of the show is an idiomatic expression derived from Buddhist literature, reverberations of beauty and aesthetics in both historical and contemporary contexts of the Japanese social experience. What transpires is the intuitive sense that observes art’s place in nature: its appearance, meaning and value set in contemporary world affairs in which the un-seeable is viewed from a third eye, the inaudible is imagined through living colors, and the unspeakable can be understood through telepathic means.”

Throughout Santa Monica Art Studios, new art and artist will also on display. Stephanie Visser says she has always wanted to show at SMAS and is looking forward to the opening. The artist paints consistently and has been working on a new series featuring black and white paintings. She will be showing work from three different series.

Image by Stefanie Visser  New Work Untitled 14, Acrylic on Canvas 40 x 30

She talks about her inspiration for “New Work Untitled 14” (pictured here).  “This painting was done on location in Michigan where I spent several weeks recently. In that location, it was impossible not to be inspired by the intense blue water, green trees and the rural environment. Besides, it is my home state so the connection wasn't hard to access. In particular, this piece was taken from memory of the local river that flows into the Great Lakes.”

Visser's paintings have been exhibited at FABstudio Gallery, bG Gallery at Bergamot Station, Wallspace, etc. To find out more about artist Stephanie Visser, visit her website at http://stephanievisser.com/

“I was encouraged to make art at an early age,” explained artist Ty Cummings. Both his parents were supportive of the craft and encouraged him.  He continued painting into his teens and later attended the School of Visual Arts in New York as well as CalArts in Los Angeles. “I continued down this path because I felt it was important for me to communicate like this and that I had a way of seeing things I wanted to share. My family continues to believe in me.”

Image by Ty Cummings, Somewhere, mixed media on wood, 36" x 36," 2015

Cummings works in several mediums. In addition to being a painter and working with oils, he also works in mixed media and he is also a  sculptor. “The mediums I choose to work in go back around,” said Cummings. “For example, I've used drawing, painting, photography, video, installation, sound and performance for various ideas; sometimes the mediums inform each other, or are referenced directly, document one another or stand alone.” Check out the art of Ty Cummings at http://www.tycummings.com/

The art of Scott Horton will also be on view. Known as a pop/street art, he works in various styles. “I'm not one to settle in any one medium, says Horton. “I'll be doing something like street art (collage, acrylic, spray-paint), thinking of when I can get back to palette knife acrylic, while creating digital surrealism.

Image by Scott Horton, Color Me Red, 48 x36


Color Me Red" is the name of one of Horton’s works to grace the walls of SMAS. He explains what inspired him to create the piece. “The color red is a color of emotion. I look at this "street art" piece as a statement about the changing roles over time of women in society. The red elements signal both sexuality and defiance. Rosie the Riveter can be seen in the piece, showing the strength of women in hard times. It's been remarked that the woman in business clothes staring back, is spray-painted on a surface that looks like kitchen tile; a transition from the domestic life to the working world. Also, the woman stating, ‘They'll never say that about me again,’ is showing resolve to no longer be pegged into predefined roles. Visit Scott Horton’s website at http://dreamscolor.com/ 

Don’t miss the big event on Saturday, June 13th, Santa Monica Art Studios hosts an artist reception from 6-9pm. SMAS is located at 3026 Airport Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90405) http://www.santamonicaartstudios.com/

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