Photographer Tim Truby to Show at bG Gallery, Bergamot Station

The photography of Tim Truby is set to be featured in a group exhibition at bG Gallery. The official opening is on June 12th, but the artist reception is June 19th, 2021, 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. 

See image: Tim Truby, Twilight, Royal Palms, San Pedro

bG Gallery has presented “Spectrum Gestalt” for the past seven years. Gallery owner Om Bleicher said he is happy to exhibit Tim Truby’s work in the 8th annual event. “There are some great monochromatic shots where the artist has used color harmony of a landscape scene in an interesting way that will blend beautifully into the spectrum.”

Despite Covid, 2020 was a busy year for Tim Truby. He took a trip to Maui (before Covid), then in August he spent 2 ½ weeks along the coastal Pacific Northwest…prior to the wildfires. Then he enjoyed a week at Glacier NP capturing images of the various mountain locations with the smoke from 500 miles away adding an orange stain to the air. “This last spring, I explored Capitol Reef and Bryce, then the Eastern Sierras in May. Later in the summer, I’m heading to Scotland and Iceland again, and hopefully the Faroe Islands. The place intrigues me.”   

Truby pointed out since landscape photos can often look the same, he chooses to offer a different end result. “My approach involves far more post production work - exploring the texture and feeling of the place, capturing a more mythic style that takes the eye on a journey. In post, I slip past the flat 2-D photo look you get from Canon or Apple’s algorithms. I’ve found that using the software tools to create a mixed genre artwork - with layering, brush work, painterly touches, helps open the viewer’s imagination. It’s a landscape photo that’s a visual journey.”

See image: Tim Truby, Sunset, Thor’s Well

Sunset, Thor’s Well is a stunning photograph that will be included in “Spectrum Gestalt.” Truby explained that Landscape photography is a different beast from studio shooting. “The lighting and geology, the flow of tides and weather - you photograph what you’re given. So during my 2 weeks on the Oregon Coast, I booked 3 nights in Yachats to improve my chances of photographing Thor’s Well the right way. After all, this ‘well’ is a tidal pool hole that funnels the waves down a 15 foot drop into a lava tube and the ocean beyond. And it’s hypnotic. But you gotta be there at high tide in the middle of wind and waves. You’ve also gotta be there for sunset (for the total effect). Get that timing right (plus all the technical details) and you may have something.”

Unfortunately while Truby was there, the sunset at high tide, did not coincide. So he moved on to his next stop, Bandon Beach. However in the back of his mind, he kept thinking about the Thor shot so he returned to get the shot. “By sunset, waves were doing their magic, plunging down into the pit and again with a roar. There was even a cool light show.” Find out more about Tim Truby on his website: https://www.tim-truby-photography.com

See Image: Mimi Herrera-Pease, Ignite, Oil on canvas 16x16in

Artist Mimi Herrera-Pease has participated in the color themed group show for three years. “It’s one of my favorite shows of the year,” said the artist. She is a huge fan of bG Gallery, and Om Bleicher. She added that Bleicher is delightful to work with. 

Bleicher said, “Mimi is the perfect addition for a color show, she subtly blends color with a flow of emotion, like Rothko. 

Find out more about Mimi Herrera-Pease, and her art on her website: https://www.mimiherrerapease.com/ 

Juri Koll will be exhibiting work (see above) from his Handshake Series, (K√§epigistus means "Handshake" in Estonian). “The series was begun as a political series back in 2019, and as Covid developed they became more personal, much less political, and more abstract and colorful. We have not been able to shake hands because of Covid, so the purpose changed to reflect on that reality.” Visit the website: https://www.veniceica.org/juri-koll

See image: Juri Koll, Käepigistus Delft 7, 2021, Oil on Canvas, 9 x 12. inches

The opening event for “Spectrum Gestalt” will be held at bG Gallery, Bergamot Station, 2525 Michigan Ave #A2, Santa Monica, CA 90404, on Saturday, June 19th from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. PST. The reception is broken down by color. Guests are encouraged to attend at the time of their favorite color. Neutrals: 2-3pm, Reds: 3-4pm, Blues: 4-5pm, Greens: 5-6pm, Yellows: 6-7pm. Come dressed in your color to receive a 5% discount on art acquisitions. The show runs through July 5 2021. bGartgalleries.com