"Color of Money" On View at huZ Galleries

"Color of Money" is currently having a successful run at huZ Galleries in San Pedro. Attracting much attention, the solo exhibition by artist Huss Hardan is the second exhibit of a three-part trilogy named “Anguish and Obsession” which he began in 2016. Hardan is an advocate of women. He is moved by the tragic plight of females who are abused and abducted as part of human trafficking. 
  "Insurrection of the Innocent" 35mm film, 12 by 18 matted/framed to 20 by 28 silver halide print.

His first of the three-part series “An American Love Story” dealt with fetishistic obsession that many have with firearms in a shocking but pointed way. Last year, it garnered much acclaim at both his shows at HuZ Galleries and the international photo fair photo l.a. where he was a featured artist. “It is the second installment, said Hardan. “The third “Mother Earth” has already been shot and will be shown in 2018.”

In his exhibition, "Color of Money," the photos were shot on film to bring about awareness of the issue. The exhibition combines a stylized technique with a jarring and yet emotional touch. The artist chooses to look at the situation with a renewed hope of change. “I want my viewers to feel the emotion that not all is lost, that shouting out and fighting back can change the outcome.”

Hardan said that the trilogy took a few months for him to finalize on paper, and the actual shooting time was about three days. “What took longest was creating a concept that worked. I would brainstorm while exercising, I find that that gets my creative juices flowing for some reason! Perhaps due to the increased flow of oxygen to the brain.” He created story boards to help speed up the process.

Also on view is the solo exhibition entitled "Urban Dilemmas” featuring the work Randi Matushevitz.
It's A Gas, 2017, charcoal, pastel, spray paint, acrylic on canvas, 54" x 64"

The artist strives to illustrate how each individual’s point of view impacts his or her everyday experience. “I explore uncertainty, reflecting the reactive mania or calm surrounding political polarization, and the realities of our changing natural environment as they are reflected in the indifference or involvement of the populous.”

huZ Galleries will host a closing reception on Saturday January 27th from 3-6pm, with an artist talk at 4pm. huZ Galleries is located at 341 West 7th St San Pedro;  Visit the website at https://www.huzgalleries.com/

Find out more about the artists on their websites - http://husshardan.com/   https://www.randimatushevitz.com