Leica Gallery in West Hollywood Presents the Photography of Scott Tansey & Manuel Pandalis

This Saturday, August 2nd, Leica Gallery offers two solo exhibitions featuring the photography of Scott Tansey and Manuel Pandalis.
Scott Tansey is a landscape artist…he has shot in several formats creating many eclectic series featuring scenes from all over the world. His Rose series attracted much attention, as well as his incredible panoramic photography from his travels to Patagonia Chile, South America, Europe, etc. His upcoming solo show, “Los Angeles Panoramas” brings him back to his origins…Los Angeles.

“I am working on a super wide angle series of Los Angeles and environs, explains Tansey.” Always searching for the perfect shot, the photographer keeps busy planning his next venture. “I just went to the Bay Area, and I took a lot of images. I will be going to Maine this Autumn to shoot the fall colors and the different landscapes.”  

Tansey continues to study his craft and admits he has learned a tremendous amount from John Paul Caponigro. “My post-production is just as important as my image capture with my work.” For more information about Scott Tansey, see his website at

Gallery manager, Annie Seaton has been working at the Los Angeles Leica store and gallery since it started. “I think it is the most fantastic gallery space,” reveals Seaton, “And absolutely incredible that not only Leica has invested in making a true LA Center for Photography but that they chose me to fulfill this mission”

Leica is gaining both national and international popularity across the globe. In addition to the Los Angeles store, Washington DC and Leica Miami offer gallery spaces. The galleries share artists and traveling exhibitions explained Annie Seaton, Gallery Manager. “Mary Ellen Mark prints just returned from being shown in Miami and were shown in DC last November. I believe Mary Ellen Mark spoke in DC and did a photography workshop in Miami last April. This is the future for Leica Galleries. We also sent our Peter Turnley prints "French Kiss" to San Francisco for the opening in August and he will speak there and do a book signing as he did here last May.”

Seaton runs the gallery and carefully curates each exhibit. “I actually met Scott Tansey initially when I was Associate Director at dnj Gallery and then we bumped into each other at our Grand Opening party, explains Seaton. “Scott photographs with Leica's 'S' system and is a client of our store as well.”

Seaton talks about the upcoming exhibit, “Both Scott and Manuel use the Leica 'S' Camera system our Medium format camera. So in essence this is our 'S' exhibition for 'Summer.'”

See image: by Manuel Pandalis

Manuel Pandalis, born in 1972 in Brilon, Germany has been involved in photography since his early twenties. Working as a photographer’s assistant, he quickly moved up to shooting his own photography. He specializes in fashion and portraits working with fashion designers. His work has been published in various international magazines.

An artist reception will be held commemorating Scott Tansey’s “Los Angeles Panoramas” and Manuel Pandalis’ exhibition, “Pure” this Saturday, August 2nd from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Leica Gallery Los Angeles is located at 8783 Beverly Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 9004). 424.777.0341,

FABstudio Presents "Five Artist Show" Friday, August 1st!!!

Friday, August 1st, FABstudio in Santa Monica hosts an opening reception for "Five Artist Show." 

Curated by Flavio Alejandro Bisciotti, enjoy works by Javier De Aubeyzon, Hadiya Finley, Julienne Johnson, J.J. L’Heureux, and Stephanie Visser. Bisciotti, who is also an artist, has brought together an array of well known established talent for the show. 

Straight from Argentina, the work of artist and surfer Javier De Aubeyzon spotlights Urban Landscapes. His work takes a critical look at the dangerous, albeit fascinating, advancement of civilization. 

See image - Javier De Aubeyzon  naturaleza muerta  still life,  oil on canvas) 78”x78”

“In my urban work, the process is very labor-intensive, describes the artist, “the thorough details in architecture and the absence of brushstrokes accentuates the motionless and mysterious scenes.”

Hadiya Finley offers her incredible sculptures to the group show. The highly recognized artist and sculptor has shown her work all over the United States as well as internationally. 

See image - by Hadiya Flinley “String figure”

Finley describes her inspiration for the piece,  "After Han Yan Ling was inspired by the figures in the pits at the mausoleum of the Western Han Dynasty near Xi’an China. The figures, that had once been clothed with wooden arms seemed to me like dolls.  I love dolls, I loved the figures, the legions of them in rows and lines to take care of the king in the afterlife.  This king cared about his subjects and would not have any buried alive when he died, only clay figures.
The figure is constructed of papier mache and carved wood arms.

Finley is currently in China and has completed a commission and installation for a public space in Guangzhou.    http://www.barefootbird.com/  

Julienne Johnson is a prolific abstract artist who paints with her hands. A disciplined art maker, come rain or shine, she maintains a full time studio schedule propelled forward by her passion and muse: Life. James Bae, Contributing Editor for Paper Monument Magazine - A Journal of Contemporary Art, says of her paintings, "What gives these works their poetic and numinous qualities is the abstraction of their appearance, wedded and arising from a uniquely humanistic concern."  

See image - by Julienne Johnson La Suite Jany 2013 # 2 12 x 12in

Peter Frank, Art Critic for the Huffington Post said in her book, Ashes for Beauty, "But these paintings are not embodiments of headlines, much less embodiments of emotions. They are embodiments of sensations wrapping themselves around headlines - and around thoughts, and around memories, and bodily sensitivities and psychological states. They do not reflect Johnson's world or the world at large, but reconstitute those worlds and add to them thereby. Perhaps, like medical records, they chart the temperatures and serum balances of these worlds." 

Johnson is scheduled this October for a solo exhibition, curated by Peter Frank at Taylor University in Indiana. The Art Department and various other departments of the University have scheduled a week of events for Frank and Johnson. Frank will conduct lectures, critiques and moderate two art talks with Johnson. Together they will make presentations to the Taylor student body, the faculty and to special guests. Johnson will also conduct an art workshop. http://www.juliennejohnson.com/ 

The paintings of Stephanie Visser will also be part of the exhibition. Visser most recently was part of a group exhibit at Bergamot Station. She has participated in both the Venice Art Walk and Venice Art Block. This is where she first met curator and gallery director Flavio Bisciotti. 

See image - Stephanie Visser, New Work   Emotion Series  "Happiness”  Acrylic on Canvas    60 x 80

The artist explained that exposure to so many people is what makes participating in the events so valuable. Visser has had her current studio in Venice for three years. “I was located in Culver City before this and I find Venice an exciting and vibrant place to work.”

When asked if her day to day events affect her paintings….she replies, “100% of my daily life affects my work. It's impossible for it not too.  Daily life leaves it's imprint no matter how much meditation or exercise you do to balance it out.  And good, bad, or indifferent it is bound to come out in the process of a painting…even if it happens unconsciously.”  

She is looking forward to being part of “Five Artist Show,” and added, “I’m thoroughly excited about the show!  I love having the opportunity to see my work hung on a wall…it's always a little stressful but worth it!”  http://stephanievisser.com/

Renowned artist, J.J. L’Heureux’s work will also be included. The busy artist works in various mediums and is dedicated to both her craft and taking care of the necessary business of art. 

See image - by J.J. L'Heureux  Etichette #73,  26” h x 19” w unframed,    framed price $3,500

“Everyday I work in my studio for about 8 to 12 hours,” explains L’Heureux. “This year I have six one person exhibitions most with approximately 120 works.  For each venue I put together an appropriate exhibition, build the boxes and pack the pieces.  After the work is shipped I give talks at the museums, book signings and attend the receptions.  I also continue to be an expedition artist in Antarctica and recently returned from Alaska.”

For this exhibition, she will be showing works from her “Etichette” series which consist of collages featuring a color field background with found labels attached.  She explains, “I use acrylic paint for these backgrounds.  Each work takes approximately a month and I can work on 2 or 3 at a time.  I like to use oil paint on the “Bergy Bit” paintings for texture. I often work on these paintings before I leave on an expedition for 5 weeks as when I return they are dry and I can mount or frame the work.”
http://www.jjlheureux.com/    http://www.penguinspirit.com 

The opening reception for “Five Artist Show” takes place Friday, August 1st at FABstudio (2001 Main Street in Santa Monica 90405) from 7-9:30pm. The exhibit will run through September 25th. 424-744-8156; http://fabstudiola.com


Upper West Hosts Opening Sunday July 20, Featuring Artist Stephanie Trachtenberg!

This Sunday, July 20, Upper West presents the art of Stephanie Trachtenberg in a solo exhibition entitled "L'Homme." Come meet the artist at an opening reception at the Santa Monica restaurant from 4-7 pm.

Trachtenberg has been painting since she was in her teens. “My art teacher in high school submitted me for a scholarship for classes at Art Center and I was accepted. The 1st day when I went to the drawing class the male model disrobed, I blushed and began to draw. That was the beginning of my art studies and soon after I began painting the figure.” She attended Hollywood Art Center School and studied sculpting and painting with Mona Lovins (a friend with Robert Henri). After taking more classes with Jan Stussy at UCLA, Trachtenberg enrolled in the Venice Sculpting and Painting Studio and studied Old Master painting with Jan Saether…”All of these seminal teachers were inspirational for me,” reflects the painter, “Two teachers who were instrumental in my sculpting life were Martine Vaugel and Robert Cunningham.”

See Below, one of the featured works entitled "Killing Time." Trachtenberg explains the work, “In this age of constant, almost unlimited communication, ultimately we are all still alone and singular. That realization can be a source of reflection and insight. The human condition has an inherent sense of rejuvenation. Sometimes when we have a few drinks, it releases our anxieties and gives us hope. This painting reveals empathy in us for our own fragile humanity.”
"Killing Time" 24"x30" oil on canvas

Gino Paino has collaborated on many of the art exhibitions at Upper West. He talks about the upcoming show. “What impressed me the most when I met Stephanie, was her classical training, seen how she managed to presented traditional compositions in a Modern Contemporary way. When I walk in to her studio for the first time, I was confronted by a large collection, portrait after portrait, beautiful paintings, it was an endless array of characters, faces of people I couldn’t recognize but we can easily find in the streets of LA. Stephanie’s pieces evoke her rich and profound life experience, these little details, make me realize that she was someone special.”

Stop by this Sunday, July 20 from 4-7pm to enjoy an artist reception at Upper West  (3321 Pico Blvd. in Santa Monica). The exhibit runs through mid November. See
http://www.passionaterealist.com/ for additional info about the artist or see http://www.theupperwest.com/ to find out more about Upper West.