The Work of Artist and photographer J.J. L'Heureux On View at Santa Monica Art Stuios!

Artist and photographer, J.J. L'Heureux has traveled the world. In addition to being part of yearly expeditions, her work has been featured in museums across the globe. Her travels include far off places such as Africa, South America, Russia, the Galapagos Islands, and North America.

This weekend, L’Heureux will be participating in the 9th annual Open Studios event at the Santa Monica Art Studios. She will be showing selections from her “Bags of Bones” series.

On her 2nd expedition, she was deeply affected by the history of whales in the Southern Sea. She explains, “I became aware of bags that the whaling companies used for shipping the last parts of the rendered whales from the their stations,” says L’Heureux. “My Southern Ocean expeditions have taken me to South Georgia Island 7 or 8 times where there were a number of working whaling stations.”  

J.J. looks forward to returning to Antarctica every year, as there is always something new to see. “Each visit has given me the opportunity to explore some of the former whaling stations.  As the wildlife changes with the seasons each expedition gives me another view to capture with my photographs.”  

The environment has taken a direct hit due to the whaling industry. Many species have never returned. J.J. chooses to document both the beauty and the past destruction. “I cannot project the future deserts devoid of life like I have seen in Southern Ocean whale-birthing bays and other locations of slaughter and rendering, on this oil taking.”

L’Heureux’s work is scheduled to show at many museums, such as the Albany Museum of Art, Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, El Dorado Nature Center in Long Beach, CA and the Lafayette Science Museum in Louisiana, Goddard Center in Oklahoma and the International Wildlife Museum in Arizona.

J.J. L’Heureux’s “Bags of Bones” series will be on view through November 23rd.

It will also be part of the 9th annual Open Studios at the Santa Monica Art Studios. There will be a two day reception taking place this Saturday October 12th from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and on Sunday, October 13th, from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. The Santa Monica Art Studios is located at 3026 Airport Ave., Santa Monica. 90405. 310.397.7449; http://www.santamonicaartstudios.com

By Guest Writer: Libby Lancaster


Skidmore Contemporary Art Presents the Work of Eric Nash!

Skidmore Contemporary Art presents the work of renowned artist Eric Nash in a new exhibition entitled “Western Noir.” The show opens this Saturday Oct. 19 from 5-7pm. 

See image: 
Eric Nash
Glow 76
Oil on canvas
36" x 48"

Skidmore Contemporary Art has been offering quality post-war contemporary art since 1998.  Originally located in Malibu, the gallery relocated to Bergamot Arts Station in 2009. Eric Nash’s much anticipated new exhibition  “Western Noir” will feature ten paintings plus two charcoal drawings.
Nash was destined to be an artist. 

Although raised by a military family, he found himself in art class by age four. He threw himself into his painting due to his personal circumstances and disruptive family life. This creative force led him to working in advertising later in life, then of course back to his personal journey with his art.  He finds inspiration in the work of Ed Ruscha, Cindy Sherman, Richard Avedon, Diane Arbus and Gerhard Ric.

The Noir genre has influenced Nash’s less is more style of painting, allowing the mystery of the moment to be featured in each of his works. Nash uses the light and it’s shadows as an important dimension in his work. His affirmation of the simplistic beauty of iconic structures many of us know resonate deeply with collectors. 

See image: 

Eric Nash
The Back Way
Oil on canvas
38" x 60"

Hollywood actors are clamoring after his work. Stars such as Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi, Jerry Bruckheimer, Orlando Bloom, Mena Suvari, Hillary Duff, Alexandra Balahoutis are all the proud owners of an Eric Nash painting. His works are also owned by many well-known filmmakers, producers and Hollywood style-makers such as Adam Blackman and David Cruz of Blackman Cruz. He has private collectors in New York, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Europe.

An artist reception will be held at Skidmore Contemporary Art Saturday, October 19th from 5 - 7pm. Skidmore Contemporary Art is located at Bergamot Station (D-2) 2525 Michigan Ave., Santa Monica.  The Show will remain on view through November 19th.


Street Artist, Dillon Shows this Saturday, October 5th, at the Jeanie Madsen Gallery!

Jeanie Madsen Gallery presents “Say What?” featuring artists Dillon, Johnny Romeo and Jennifer Verge.Jeanie Madsen talks about the upcoming show, “These artists all have something to say through an "urban pop" genre, with completely different styles, Dillion "street/popt" , Johnny Romeo "urban pop" , and Jennifer Verge Urban Pop. All three have different backgrounds LA, Canada, Australia... and all blend or flow perfectly for JMG (Jeanie Madsen Gallery).

Dillon's work can be seen in random spots all over LA, as well as on the 101 freeway, the 10 freeway, even at Bergamot Arts Center in Santa Monica. Unlike most artists, Dillon does not just paint a canvas and walk away. That is just the beginning of his process. He explains, "First you create the art in your home. sometimes a piece of art takes 40, 50 or 60 hours to complete. At the time I make it I don't make it with the purpose of anything but getting an idea out of my head. Sometimes I will work on a piece for 30 minutes a day for months. Next comes the photography." He shoots his work in a high resolution, to keep the image clear when printed at a large size. His friend's family is in the printing business, which helps but it's still a costly process. He continues, “The originals range from around 1k to 6k, because I make streetart or wheatpaste posters out of them which get put up indefinitely all over the city, which millions of people see, it adds another element to a piece of art that only a handful of people see at an art show and then is locked up in a persons home forever. Most of my work will be seen by a lot of people so it kind of adds to the original.”

Johnny Romeo started painting as a child and has been showing his work ever since. His work can be seen  in galleries around the world. His work is inspired by pop culture and television.

Jennifer Verge has been painting for seven years now. She is influenced by her positive attitude and wants her art to reflect that. She refers to her art as Urban Pop/Street.

The opening reception will take place on Saturday, October 5th from 7:00pm to 9:00 pm at the Jeanie Madsen Galley located at 1431 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, 90401. 310 393-7436. The show will remain on view through October 31st. http://www.jeaniemadsengallery.com/