The Porch Gallery Ojai & VICA Present “Water Works II” May 9th!

 “Water Works II” opens at the Porch Gallery Ojai on Saturday, May 9th. "Water Works II" is co-presented by VICA (Venice Institute of Contemporary Art) and will further spotlight the issues of water - from its beauty, to its scarcity, to its importance to human life, the politics of water, to environmental issues and beyond.

“Water Works II” was jured by Juri Koll (VICA – Venice Institute of Art), Peter Frank (Huffington Post/Fabrik Magazine) as well as co-directors of Porch Gallery Ojai, Heather Stobo and Lisa Casoni. 

Co-directors Stobo and Casoni worked with Koll on his first Water Works I exhibition. “It was great, said Stobo. “That’s why we decided to work with him again for Water Works II.” Stobo explained that although their curating styles had similarities, they also work differently. “Without speaking for Juri, it seems that his style is to curate the show without a specific space in mind.  Where I like to gather the work and then do a final edit as I’m installing the show based on  how the pieces look and fit in our gallery. For me, moving the work outside of the artists’ studio, and away from other bodies of work not included in the show, sometimes changes the viewing experience and I like to adapt to that as I’m installing.”
When asked about working with Stobo and Casoni, Koll replied, “They are the best in the business.” 

The group show will feature an eclectic mix of artists including established Los Angeles artist J.J. L’Heureux.

L’Heureux’s work has been exhibited all over the world. She said she was proud to be a part of the important group show entitled “Water Works II.” The concept of the first “Waterworks'” artist’s incorporating water-based medium in their work, to “Waterworks II” feels like a logical progression, explained L’Heureux. “Water is a current topic of conversation and addressing all sides of water with the public I feel is positive.”

Known best for her photography, the accomplished artist has taken over thirteen trips to Antarctica. L’Heureux is an exquisite and talented painter in her own right. Pretty soon after her very first trip to the Southern Sea, the artist was inspired to create her Bergy Bit series. L’Heureux explains, “By definition ‘Bergy Bits’ are large chunks of glacier ice or a very small iceberg floating in the sea. They are generally spawned from disintegrating icebergs and glaciers.”

In addition to her photography and her paintings, the artist also works in collage/mixed media. To find out more about J.J. L’Heureux and her many mediums of art, visit both her websites at http://www.jjlheureux.com/   http://www.penguinspirit.com

Another artist to be featured is MB Boissonnault. “I did their first official show ("Future Perfect" - solo exhibition) when  Heather & Lisa opened,” explained Boissonnault. "I love them and whole vibe up there--my heart truly beats a little faster for Ojai. It's like Vermont (where I grew up) meets California with a dash of Sedona. It's hard to leave sometimes.”

MB Boissonnault BOMBIGENESIS 60" x 36"  oil on synthetic canvas

When asked what inspired her to to create, she replied…”That's a question I never know how to answer. I am not inspired to create--it is as normal to me as breathing or walking. There is no other way of life.” http://www.mbboissonnault.com/ 

The jurors have selected several sculptural pieces (indoor and outdoor), 2D pieces and video. At 4pm, prior to the opening reception, (next door to the gallery), there will be an art panel moderated by Koll. A local student from the Thacher School will read a poem that he wrote about water.

 Artists to be featured: Richard Amend, Susan Amorde, Nurit Avesar, Vince Baworouski, Bobbi Bennett, MB Boissonnault, Bill Leigh Brewer, Gary Brewer, Patricia Chidlaw, Diane Cockerill, Duane Dammeyer, Bibi Davidson, Lynne Deutch, Bill Dewey, L. Aviva Diamond, Elizabeth Garat, Jack Halbert, Sharon Hardy, Mark Indig, Cynthia James, Amy Kaczur, Colleen M Kelly, J. J. L’heureux, Terri Laine, Campbell Laird, Feng Ling, Daniel Leighton, Daniel Lyons, Aline Mare, Bruce Mcallister, Jim Mcaninch, Mary Mcgill, Wendy Osher, Ann Phong, Osceola Refetoff, Kate Register, Gay Summer Rick, Shawn K. Riley, Lisa Rosel, Karrie Ross, Catherine Ruane, Seda Saar, Jill Shanbrom, Yin Sheng, Joan Scheibel, Wendy Smith, Shyun Song, Caryl St. Ama, Jill Sykes, Mark Tovar, Katie Van Horne, Christine Weir, Tracey Weiss, Gina Yu.
Be sure to pop by the Porch Gallery Ojai on May 9th for the art panel at 4pm and the opening reception from 5-7pm. The exhibition runs May 9 through June 8, 2015.

Porch Gallery Ojai is located at 310 E. Matilija Avenue, Ojai, CA. For more information please go to http://www.porchgalleryojai.com or call 805.620.7589.

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