Full Circle Partners with Venice Art Crawl this Thursday, September 17th!

The Venice Art Crawl celebrates Art every three months. On Thursday, September 17, it hosts a special VAC event…celebrating the Afterburn from Burning Man.

VAC will close Rose Avenue between 3rd and 4th street for an evening of art, performances, art cars, installations.  Full Circle, and niteSpa located at 305 Rose Avenue will be a big part of this month’s Crawl. Both the upstairs and downstairs (niteSpa) will be hosting art events. Artist set to be featured are: Sona Mirzaei, Gus Harper, Vittoria Colonna, Aazam Irilian, Wendell Wiggins, Eva Montealegre, Matt McMahon, Louise Taylor, and more. Artists Sona Mirzaei and Eva Montealegre will also be painting live at the event.

niteSpa recently returned to Venice…after rising rents forced owner Julia Lolita Martin-Wrobel in search of an affordable location. Full Circle has made it possible for her to return along with other local businesses.

Community is why Full Circle exists, explained Andrew Keegan co-founder of Full Circle.  “Each of us is on our own journey in life, and it's the people we meet and develop friendships, relationships, and partnerships along the way with who truly allow us to grow. At Full Circle we provide a space for people to do the inner-work while connecting with like-minded individuals who are also on a path of forward motion. There are many components to community, too. In this instance we're focusing on a space where people can come together to embrace their own beauty, both internal and external. Beauty and wellness are very much in alignment with our spiritual practices that keep self-care and self-growth at the forefront of life's journey.” 

Fantasia, Sona Mirzaei, In search of splendor, 56x54

Contemporary artist Sona Mirzaei has been busy making waves in both the U.S. art scene as well as the international scene. The self taught artist has exhibited her works in London, Singapore, Copenhagen, Chicago, Las Vegas, Toronto, Paris, Miami, Hong Kong, New York City, Dubai, San Francisco, and numerous venues and galleries all over Southern California. Mirzaei will be participating in the Beverly Hills artSHOW this October.

 “Fantasia was created during my blue period in 2014 and it has a lot of tranquility and motion that gives you a calming sensation with euphoric robust energy due to the pink and bright hues against the blue and dancing rhythmic figures that makes one feel as though they're at Disneyland. The magic that you can imagine, feel and create that embodies this emotion and abstract patterns in Fantasia has innocence, passion, Zen and Zephyr qualities that make it a joyful experience to behold.”

You can catch Sona doing some live painting in front of Full Circle and niteSpa (downstairs) at this special VAC event. http://www.sonamirzaei.com

Artist Aazam Irilian has painted as long as she can remember. “I have been an artist and art educator for over 25 years. However, it has been the last five years that I have decided to focus more on my passion and feed my desire of being an exhibiting artist. Dedicating more time to creating bodies of work that completely are aligned with my point of view and life purpose —healing my soul and hopefully others as well. http://www.aazamirilian.com

Painting by Gus Harper, Blue Vision, Oil on Canvas

Artist Gus Harper lives for his art. Currently he has two studios where he actively creates. Raised in Santa Monica, his mother was his earliest inspiration. “My Mom exposed me to art at a young age,” recounts Harper. “I can remember her taking me to LACMA when I was so young that I was learning my ABCs.” Harper’s mother imparted her love of art to her son at an early age…teaching the fundamentals of art and the importance of balance and color while they explored museums and galleries together. 

Harper recalls the irony of seeing the work of renowned portrait painter Don Bachardy on one of his museum trips with his mom. Years later, when Harper was 27, he would pose for the famed artist. http://gusharperart.com

Vittoria Colonna has been creating art as long as she can remember. She started early on doodling on her mother’s walls. “My recent foray SOURCE explores the meaning of consciousness through a non representational yet abstract delivery where ideas form a dance. Painted under auspicious cosmic forces, I fell into a trance with this set with these paintings. I choose to seek the invisible and feel the intangible even mystical.  Of late, she has been exploring multiple mediums of expression through the arts, such as film making, performance art and painting.  http://www.colonnavittoria.com

Eva Montealegre grew up in an artistic family. Writing conventions, theatrical musical venues and small art exhibit events were often held in her home.  Her mother was a journalist for St. Louisan Magazine and her father was a restauranteur and artist. 

Large gatherings celebrating life and artistic endeavors were the foundation of her family life. Eva's love affair with painting emerged under the tutelage of abstract painter, Robert Kingston. From the moment she first applied paint to canvas something resonated deep in the core of her being and she knew she was destined to become what some people call a mad crazy painter.  It was a match of spirit and the world - she sold that first painting even before it dried. www.evamontealegre.com

Wedell Wiggins, Yemanja (Natural Mystic of the Oceans) 24x36

 Wendell Wiggins is a full-time artist in Los Angeles. Having studied at the California Institute of Art, he has enjoyed a successful career creating book illustrations, storyboards, print advertising design, broadcast graphics and more. http://on.fb.me/1iv02Oo

Also taking place on Rose Avenue, between 3rd and 4th...Venice resident Ivo Vergara will debut a thirty-foot cardboard sculpture. Don’t miss the art cars on Rose Avenue created by local artists. The “Charlie the Unicorn” art car will be on view with its happy music vibes and revelers dressed as unicorns. Altervision 3D will showcase its 3D art experience along with Space Harp entertaining art lovers with its interactive sound installation.

VAC will close Rose Avenue between 3rd and 4th. The event runs from 6-midnight. Full Circle upstairs and downstairs (niteSpa) will host events. Both niteSpa and Full Circle will continue the festivities for the after party through 1:00AM!! After 8pm there is a $10 donation for entry. At midnight enjoy a sound healing at Full Circle! http://www.veniceartcrawl.com/   http://www.fullcirclevenice.org  http://nitespa.com


Wednesday, September 9th, Celebrate the Grand Opening of Whole Life Balance, with Drip iv Therapy!

Despite plastic surgery tragedies such as the Joan Rivers surgery debacle, some Hollywood personalities are still willing to take their chances by going under the knife. However there is a new generation heading into the horizon that prefers forward thinking type services like IV drips which offer rejuvenation from the inside out.

Shane Griffin, owner of Whole Life Balance and a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, knows first hand that wellness starts from within. His company’s motto is "At WLB we treat the Whole person not just the symptoms." 

Photo: Shane Griffin

This Wednesday, September 9th at 5:00 pm Whole Life Balance will celebrate its grand opening and ribbon cutting (6:00 pm) with the Santa Monica chamber of Commerce and the local community. Stop in to meet Griffin and find out more about the revolutionary services that Whole Life Balance is offering.

Whole Life Balance has had an online presence for over two years. The center opened just over a month ago and has thus far attracted a local clientele due to its wide range of services. Whole Life Balance offers something for everyone. In addition to its cutting edge IV drips, it also provides acupuncture, massage therapy, personal training, advanced nutritional consulting, a weight room, pilates, even aerial yoga and then some.
But probably the most innovative service Whole Life Balance provides is the IV drips. Everyday people can reap the benefits of these simple solutions to fatigue, cold or flu, headaches, weight gain, and low functioning immune systems and many other issues. Cancer patients have benefitted enormously from the drips, while people with circulatory issues, and Lyme disease patients have also seen wonderful results. While many of us often celebrate a bit too much, there is also a drip to help one recover from a night of excessive drinking.

 Business owner Laura Coones (Moccasin Management, Inc) regularly comes in for IV Drips.” As a fitness enthusiast and NPC Bikini Competitor, I train hard and sometimes eat a very restrictive diet. This can wreak havoc on both my body physically and emotionally. Since beginning IV Drip Therapy at Whole Life Balance, my overall heath has vastly improved!  I have more energy, less mood swings, sleep better (which is essential when weight training) and an overall positive mindset and attitude.  For women like me who prone to hormonal change and imbalances as we grow older, I can't put a number on how valuable Whole Life Balance's personalized nutritional IV therapy has become to me." www.moccasin.tv

Photo: Laura Coones 

Whole Life Balance will be a presenting sponsor for the Well Being Buy Local Festival in Santa Monica on September 12th (Santa Monica Civic Center parking lot – corner of Pico & Main St., 11-4pm). It is also a flagship sponsor for the Great Strides Walk Santa Monica for Cancer coming up on October 24th and will be raising a goal of 35k for the 5k Walk. The event will be held on the Santa Monica Pier (200 Santa Monica Pier) at 10:00am.

Enjoy a little luxury, in your busy day….head to Whole Life Balance with Drip iv Therapy, located at 507 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 101, Santa Monica, CA 90401. To find out more about the services of this wellness center, stop in on Wednesday, September 9th for a glass of wine and meet locals in your community. Whole Life Balance officially launched its grand opening starting at 5:00 pm with a ribbon cutting at 6:00pm. Whole Life Balance is a proud member of the Santa Monica chamber of Commerce.  888.540.5714   www.wholelifebalance.com