Upper West Restaurant Welcomes Artist Brooke Harker February 21st!

Upon returning from two solo exhibitions in Italy, LA cityscape artist Brooke Harker will share a variety of works at Upper West Restaurant in Santa Monica. 

Image: Carnival of Dreams by Brooke Harker 48 x 48 ink-acrylic-oil on canvas 2011 

 The exhibit will include the painting that landed Harker's five-month painting residency in Italy in 2015. During that time she created twenty paintings on canvas, which highlighted various perspectives of Los Angeles, a frequent source of her inspiration. The exhibition, curated by Alfio Borghese, most recently toured to Satura Art Gallery in Genoa, Italy in January 2016.

"Memoirs of Cities," includes a collection of works at Upper West created by Harker from 2011-2015. The exhibit features paintings depicting Harker's spin on New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, San Diego, Laguna Beach, Dana Point and Catalina.

I have always liked the vibe of Upper West for exhibiting art,” says Harker “it is trendy spot and of course I am excited to be a part of that energy. The environment feels cared for and that is mirrored in the food they serve and probably why so many people love the restaurant so much and want to be there.”

Image: Artist Brooke Harker with one of her works, Heart of the View.

Harker speaks about the personal connection she feels to her paintings. “They are my memoirs…and then they become part of another person’s memoirs.  I love seeing the paintings I have created later in the background of photos on Facebook at gatherings of all kinds… It really is quite a gift to know that something I made gets to be a silent witness to another person’s life and in turn it become part of their memories.”

Don’t miss the opening reception of “Memoirs of Cities” at Upper West Restaurant on Sunday, February 21, from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Upper West Restaurant is located at 3321Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica 90404; 310 586-1111http://www.theupperwest.com/


Saturday, February 6th, “Grayscale Wonderland II” Opens at bG Gallery!

bG Gallery presents “Grayscale Wonderland II” featuring an exhibition of grayscale works on Saturday, February 6th, 2016. 

This is the 2nd rendition of the exhibition, which asks the artists to create spectacular worlds without the use of overt color. Co-owner and curator Om Bleicher explains, “This year we have also put the call out to try out mostly new artists to the gallery though we'll still include a couple from the roster who've done some work for the show specifically.”

Dreamcatchers 01
48" x 48"
Archival ink on gloss canvas
Created 2015
Digital Surrealism
The art of Scott Horton will be included in the group exhibit. Born in Washington State, but raised in Seattle Horton has been an artist most of his life. Horton has worked with various types of media, but he was first inspired to use illustrative (or scratch) board by his college professor. The medium is a layer of black ink rolled over white chalk; a reverse of pen and ink. He continued to work with the scratch board throughout his career as an artist, but found a way via new technology to update and integrate his work into larger formats. His black and White series entitled Dreamcatchers uses both his surrealist and pop approaches to his art. 

Horton will be exhibiting works from his Dreamcatchers series in “Grayscale Wonderland II.” He explains how the work came to be, “I spent almost a year collecting images to use for the series, then developed a method to mimic etching / illustration. From there, each piece took weeks to assemble. There are currently 10 pieces in the series, with plans for more, and even selective color and full-color work. Visit Scott Horton’s website at http://dreamscolor.com/

Artist Terry Marks-Tarlow will also have one of her works included in the show. “I love working in simple black line on white paper. I aim to distill the whole of the human body down to its barest essence. Line Fantasy 2, like many of my figure drawings, reveals the same model in different poses. Overlapping lines seek synchronicities of placement and help to blur the distinction between one pose and another. By putting multiple poses together, I can capture changing dynamics and moods.”

Terry Marks-Tarlow
 Line Fantasy 2 
17" X 21" framed.

To find out more about the art of Terry Marks-Tarlow, visit her website at http://www.markstarlow.com/Art%20Prints/index.html

Photographer Huss Hardan will also have one of his prints in “Grayscale Wonderland II.”

At just ten years old, Hardan knew he wanted to be a photographer. He started shooting early while living in England. His first interaction was with a Polaroid instant camera. He then branched out to 35mm film, digital and more. 

Huss Hardan
12”x12” print 
matted to 20”x20, framed
 Limited 1 of 15

Hardan’s work in the show was taken on a drive. “I was driving up the coast to San Francisco and while in Cayucos I saw the light changing and a huge fog bank roll onshore. I waited until the moment was right and took the shot with a Rolleiflex.

Additional information about the art of Huss Hardan’s work can be found at http://www.huzgalleries.com

Artist Johnny Naked has a work included in the exhibition as well. This is his first time showing at bG Galllery. 

“This piece actually began as a color work, but it felt over-worked as such. The human figure and the rock he sits on, become one in this grayscale interpretation, creating a visual metaphor for how we as humans are not separate from Nature, but rather a part of it.” 

Johnny Naked
Nude Boy on Rock

See Johnny Naked’s website for more info   http://www.johnnynaked.com/

Additional artists are: Yaron Dotan, David Dumo, Melissa Wilkinson, Jeehye Shin, Andrea Castillo, Mary McGill, Mick Phelan, Daggi Wallace, Domenico Foschi, Johnny Naked, Pascaline Doucin-Dahlke, Marion Wood, Allan Peach, Harry Wilson, Peta Orbach, DOSSHAUS, Robert Zagorski, Steve Paulsen, Susan Moss, Barbara Kolo, Kim Kimbro, Thomas Whittaker Kidd and more.
The opening reception for “Grayscale Wonderland II” takes place on Saturday, February 6th from 6-9pm at bG Gallery (space # G8A) at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica (2525 Michigan Ave in Santa Monica, 90404). http://santamonica.bgartdealings.com/


bG Gallery Set to Exhibit Works at the LA Art Show January 27th through January 31st!

bG Gallery is back showing at the LA Art Show. Taking place January 27 through January 30, the annual art fair has evolved. Gallerist Om Bleicher explains, “There's been more and more international involvement progressively there was a big attendance boost with the new ownership and an very interesting addition to the last two fairs is Littleopia very cool to see a fair incorporate this sort of work which is a very important aspect of the LA art scene it now truly shows the full spectrum of the LA art world.

Artist Stephanie Visser has exhibited her paintings at bG Gallery before, but this will be the first time that she will be showing her work at the LA Art Show. “I have shown with Om several times now and I enjoy his approach to the work he likes to include in his shows. It's eclectic and unique but it is always studied and educated.  He is very easy-going and singularly friendly…which I think is very appreciated by both the artists and his clients.”

Stephanie Visser, Querencia Series, Untitled # 10, acrylic on paper, 11.5 x 14.5 framed

Bleicher has chosen two of Visser’s newest paintings from her Querencia Series, which describes a place where one feels safe. Both of her works (in the show) were created while visiting her hometown in Michigan.

Visser has been included in group exhibitions at Santa Monica Art Studios, bG Gallery, FABstudio, TAG Gallery and more. To find out more about the art of Stephanie Visser, visit her website at http://stephanievisser.com/

“Stephen Anderson’s text based works are like visual puzzles,” said Bleicher. “Many disparate pieces comprised of found objects, wood framing and the like, are fit together to create a whole entity either representational or abstract. He then uses text to suggest an idea to the viewer who is now called upon to break the code.“

Stephen Anderson, The Difference Between Wondering and Knowing, 2013  ‘Pop-Up’ collage on hand cut wood, plastic, wood frames, 41  × 44  × 8  in.

Stephen Anderson will be showing his large 'pop-up' 3D sculptural collages, and some works from his Burned Fingers series of 1,000.

Los Angeles artist Linda Vallejo has been recognized by The California/International Arts Foundation’s L.A. Rising: SoCal Artists Before 1980 and the Getty Foundation’s Pacific Standard Time: Art in LA 1945-1980.
“Linda Vallejo had been coming to the gallery as a guest for a while but we hadn’t met, explained Bleicher. “When we were finally introduced we figured out that my wife had collected a signature work of Linda’s in the early 2000. Linda had been trying to find the artwork in hopes of buying it back. Linda ultimately traded a couple of works from her Electrics series for the painting.”
 Linda Vallejo.  El Chiloso, 2014, Acrylic, metal flake, repurposed aluminum, 40  × 18  × 16 in. (101.60  × 45.72  × 40.64  cm)

The work of Barbara Kolo will also be on view. “I will be showing 3 of my latest paintings. They represent 3 different series explored over the past year. One of the paintings is titled “Life”, and is part of my “On White” series. All the paintings in this series are on a white or light field of color.”

Kolo has been part of various group exhibitions at bG Gallery since 2012. “One show that comes to mind is last year’s ‘Grayscale Wonderland’ which was an exhibit of artists working in different mediums and styles without the use of overt color,” said Kolo. “This February, the gallery is planning a sequel “Grayscale Wonderland II.”

Barbara Kolo, Life, 2015 Acrylic on Canvas, 18  × 24  in. (45.72  × 60.96  cm)

 This year bG Gallery will feature artists: Michelle Kingdom, Dan Busta, Stephanie Visser, Linda Vallejo, Ellen Schinderman, Christopher Mudgett, Tatiana Botton, Campbell Laird, Corey Sewelson, Stuart Rapeport, Susan Lizotte, Allois, Susan moss, Stephen Anderson, Bob and Marjorie Moskowitz, Barbara Kolo, Gay Summer Rick, Simone Gad, Ted Gall, Burton Gray, Gregory Horndeski, Linda Smith and Brian Cooper

Visit bG Gallery’s booth at 909. http://santamonica.bgartdealings.com/

Don’t miss the LA Art Show which kicks off this Wednesday, January 27th, with an opening gala at the Los Angeles Convention Center, West Hall A, 1201 South Figueroa Street, 90015. The opening event will benefit St Jude’s Hospital. Tickets for the gala run from $125 - $250.

Single day passes are available at $20. The show takes place Thursday, January 28th – Saturday, January 31st from 11am-7pm. Sunday hours are 11am-5pm. For more info, see http://www.laartshow.com