The Art of Veronique Periano to Featured at The Upper West, August 26th!

The Upper West celebrates the art of Veronique Periano in a solo show entitled You got me floatin’.

Born in Algiers, Algeria from French parents, Veronique Periano has lived all over France. She spent her childhood and teenage years in Marseille and was drawn to art at a young age. Starting first with arts and crafts, she focused her creative skills on painting in 1992 and has continued ever since.

Periano will be exhibiting work over seventeen paintings created in 2017 and 2018 as part of her solo show.

Periano on Upper West:
“Upper West is able to mix taste, class, humility, affordability and keeps it relaxing for all. The best place I have seen in L.A. county in decades.” She added that the restaurant had yet to disappoint her. “I am always surprised and pleased by the mixing of flavors and the freshness of it all. It is unpretentious but yet grand. Innovative but yet traditional.” 

The artist works on her paintings diligently. The next piece is always on her mind. Her art is inspired by her love of colors, nature and the victory over the struggles of life.

The painting entitled My House was inspired by the uncertainty of
everyday life.  As the artist put it, “It is a representation of what may feel chaotic in your life, you will experience the ups and downs. But in the end, you will find a place that you call home, a safe place.”

Come meet the artist Veronique Periano on August 26th, 2018. All are welcome to attend the opening reception for You got me floatin’ on from 4-7pm at the Upper West Restaurant located at 3321 Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica 90404.

Visit these websites for additional info
http://www.theupperwest.com   http://www.veroniqueperianopaintings.com/


“CONNECTION” Opens at Castelli Art Space October 4, 2018

Castelli Art Space presents a solo exhibition entitled “CONNECTION” by Laura Letchinger, with Special Guest Piece by Piece. Opening October 4, 2018, the show will feature at least ten large mixed media works by the artist as well as a variety of sculptures and wall hangings by the mosaic arts nonprofit.
Raised in a small rural town outside Chicago during the 70’s and early 80’s, Letchinger wanted to be an artist from a young age and fondly recalled her first experience with art. “One of the first memories I have of mark making was when I was very little and came across piles of new white paper and sharpened pencils in my grandparents' attic,” said Letchinger. “I clearly remember drawing a single crisp line across the vast emptiness of the paper and for whatever reason, I was hooked.”

These days Letchinger paints on a daily basis, mainly working in acrylic mixed with graphite, charcoal, collage or pastel to create her large, urban-inspired pieces. Her paintings are collected internationally by individuals, designers, architects and developers.

Piece by Piece serves the residents of Skid Row and South Los Angeles, working with those living in supportive housing and individuals with very low income. In addition to providing free mosaic art workshops—with an emphasis on recycled materials, the program offers a sense of community and opportunities to earn much-needed supplemental income. Participants gain self-confidence, courage and an improved quality of life while giving back to their communities as they collaborate to create large-scale public art projects.
NEXT, acrylic and pastel on canvas, 60" x 96" x 1.5" diptych, 2018

Said Letchinger, “As I began planning the show, it became clear that I had a special opportunity to offer this remarkable nonprofit not only financial support (10% of any sales of my work) but also exposure to new audiences in a gallery setting to help increase their own sales and collector relationships. Program Director and professional mosaic artist Dawn Mendelson had the idea that one of my paintings be interpreted into mosaic for the show, a wonderful physical manifestation of energetic connection extending out of my studio and into this inspiring community.”

Meet artist Laura Letchinger and find out more about Piece by Piece at the opening reception on October 4, 2018, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm at Castelli Art Space, near Culver City. “CONNECTION” runs October 4 - 7. Castelli Art Space is located at 5428 W. Washington Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90016; (310) 204-6830. https://www.castelliartspace.com/ http://www.lauraletchingerart.com


“Circular” Opens May 26th, 2018 at bG Gallery

Bg Gallery hosts an opening reception for a group show entitled “Circular” on Saturday, May 26th. Presented by Gestalt Projects, the exhibit is curated by Airom, who manages to find new and inventive themes for exhibitions on a consistent basis.
Ray Ford with his work 
Artist Ray Ford will be exhibiting his original wood sculptures. At age 90, he said he still creates seven days a week. “I can’t stop, it’s a calling.” Ford will be exhibiting ten of his round wood sculptures as part of the “Circular” show. “I do a lot of work on the lathe so those pieces are circular, at least in one dimension.” Ford said one of his favorite things to do is create circular works on the lathe and then enhance them with intricate designs. “The most fun is to make the leaves after it is turned,” said the artist. These exquisite one-of-a-kind sculptures are what Ford is known for. In addition to being a talented wood carver, he has done quite a bit of drawing and painting in his lifetime, but wood carving remains his main focus. He has exhibited at Santa Monica Art Studios, Blue 7 Gallery, FAB Gallery, The Hรคngar and Ivan Gallery. Find out more about Ray Ford and his sculptures on his website at http://hrayford.com/

Artist Jill Stoll has one work in the group show. The title of the work is An Unhealthy Obsession with Geography (Canyon Valley).
 Jill Stoll An Unhealthy Obsession with Geography (Canyon Valley)

"Who said that art has to be square or rectangular? OM is asking the audience to reconsider their assumptions about art and what to expect from a gallery, one that is forward thinking and risk-taking,” said Stoll. http://jillstoll.com

Pamela Mower-Conner has participated in over five group shows at bG Gallery. The circular theme works well for Mower-Conner.
Pamela Mower-Conner, Vintage Circus, mixed media sphere, 8" diameter, 2016
“It is a perfect fit for my work on globes.” The artist has been painting on spheres since 2000. See http://www.pamelamower-conner.com/ for more info about the artist.

Maria Bouquet will be exhibiting a round LED light geometric sculpture. “The Light Art series is inspired on geometrical patterns found in nature. It is a series of dynamic and three-dimensional body of works that play with the view of the observer.” 
Maria Bouquet, Frequencies, Multicolor Led Light, thread & PVC 50cm diameter. Remote control RGB 15 Colors, 5 light sequences & graduations of color. 

Visit Bouquet’s website for additional info http://www.mariabouquet.com/

J. Renee Tanner will have one piece featured. She works in series of installations comprised of multiple pieces and parts that are adaptable and portable and responsive to a variety of temporary environments. These vintage compass cards were salvaged from an industrial environment now a contemporary studio space. The magnets facilitate archival protection and allow endless composition, exploration, and possibilities for taking these relics into the future. Find out more about the art of J. Renee Tanner on her website - http://www.jreneetanner.com/
J. Renee Tanner Magnetism, 2017, 20in. diam., Installation of vintage compass cards and gears attached to steel plate with magnets

Additional artists taking part in the exhibitions are: Steph Fonteyn, Mijal Zachs, Jordann Wine, Nick Douillard, Frank Venadas, Jessalin Beutler, Kerstin Lanette, John Grunwell, Nadine Prada, Nadine  Prada, Stanislav Belovski, Nela V Steric, Nela V Steric, Elise Mahan, Bibi Davidson, Nancy Larrew, Daggi Wallace, Gianfranco  Cioffi, J. Renee Tanner, Ingrid April, Perry Johnson, Ryan Leitner, Andreea Bianca Velcsov, Phyllis Gorsen, Alessandra Pierelli, Megan  R Curran, Rhiannon Valenti, Marcy Sperry, Mike Goldberg, Shizuko Greenblatt, Yumiko Nakatsubo, Isabela Muci, Spika, Sylvia  Schorn, Jenn Ashton, Tracy Cirves, Heather Beardsley, Rebecca Fox, Theresa Schlossberg, S.P Harper, Cherie Harte, Janelle W.  Anderson, Brian Huber, Heather Lowe, Imogene Drummond, Eva Asquith Wilson, Blair Martin Cahill, Helen Werner Cox, Ronit Kristal, Antigone Koutalieri, Paula Craioveanu, Donny Nie, Carragh Amos, Karin Swildens, and more.

“Circular” opens on Saturday, May 26th, 2018 from 6-8pm and will run through June 10th, 2018. bG Gallery is located at 3009 Ocean Park Blvd., Santa Monica CA. http://bgartgalleries.com/