The Rebecca Molayem Gallery Presents “Abstract Expressions P.II” Featuring Artist Sona Mirzaei!

The Rebecca Molayem Gallery presents a solo exhibition featuring contemporary artist Sona Mirzaei entitled Abstract Expressions P.II” on Saturday, January 24th.

The exhibit will feature 12-15 pieces abstract paintings from her series entitled In Search of Splendor. Mirzaei said the exhibit will be feature abstract paintings that reflect her passion of this genre of art and working in mixed media.

“This new addition to my series In Search of Splendor builds the journey that I take every time I pick up a brush or palette knife so I solely just worked on abstract pieces while ensuring that each has its own unique character and overall theme.”

This past year, the artist participated in a group show at NOosphere Gallery in New York City. Her art was selected to be featured in the Beverly Hills artSHOW. “I enjoyed exhibiting at the Beverly Hills Art Show; it was nice to be local and get to know members of the Los Angeles community and visitors alike while being in outdoor setting in the Beverly Hills gardens with amazing artists and people. It was really fun and it made two days go by in a blink of an eye. Definitely looking forward to participating again!”

Mirzaei is an active painter; she created over fifty new works in 2014 alone. She added that inspiration comes in many different forms. “There isn’t ever one factor that contributes to creativity, but in a nutshell I wanted to focus on what drives my practice and interest in modern art.”

Gallery owner, Rebecca Molayem has had her gallery for six years, “I met Rebecca at her gallery on Robertson and Beverly several years ago back in 2009 and have kept an ongoing relationship since she has moved to her new gallery location on 3rd St and Sweetzer, said Mirzaei. “We both are looking forward to this exhibition of Abstract Expressions P.II and the start of 2015. This is our first time finally working together and I know it is going to be great!

See image: Karma Electric

Molayem’s gallery was first located on Robertson Boulevard and soon moved to the larger space next door. “I was there for four four years, but rent went up so high, had to move...I moved here, as a temporary space, but ended up staying,” said Molayem. Although her gallery has featured eight solo shows and several group shows, Molayem considers herself an artist first, but said she enjoys hosting other artist’s exhibitions. She said “I look for consistency and esthetically compatible with my work and the type of work I represent."

Originally starting as a graphic artist and illustrator, fifteen years ago Molayem started painting then later added sculpture.  Her work features a figurative, expressionistic, bold and whimsical style. “I mostly paint in acrylic, on canvas or board...and I also sculpt in clay. There are other mediums that I hope to explore. I also do sculpting workshops and hope to teach painting and sculpting once I move to a bigger space.”

 Abstract Expressions P.II” opens Saturday, January 24th, with a reception from 7-10pm. This is a Free event, please RSVP at mrebecca@sbcglobal.net

The exhibition will run through February 21st. Rebecca Molayem Gallery, 8304 W. 3rd Street, Los Angeles, 90048; 323-944-0553; rebeccamolayemarts.com

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