The LA Art Show Kicks Off Wednesday, January 14 and Runs Through Sunday, Januray 18!

The LA Art Show is once again upon us. Taking place this weekend, the 20th year of the LA Art Show kicks off with an opening night gala this Wednesday, January 14th.

With each year, the annual event draws in new fans and exhibitors “We have been able to strategically incorporate galleries representing diverse art genres and broaden its audiences to include collectors and enthusiasts of modern, contemporary, historic and traditional works, as well as works on paper, sculpture and installations,” said Kim Martindale, manager and show founder.

This year artist J.J. L’Heureux will be a part of the event with bG Gallery at Booth 827. This will be the first time the artist's work will be in the art show.  I have only attended a few times as I am often away from Los Angeles during the month of January, it is summer in the Southern Ocean when I have the opportunity to visit."

L’Heureux is an active photographer, who recently returned from her fourteenth expedition.  Since each excursion runs about six weeks, upon return, she is busy catching up at her studio in LA. She is consistently booked up to two years in advance with solo exhibitions in museums across the country.

She has been featured in one-person exhibitions at Science Spectrum, (Lubbock, Texas), Goddard Center, (Ardmore, Oklahoma), the International Wildlife Museum (Tucson), the Lafayette Science Museum, (Lafayette, Louisiana), Chicago Academy of Science Museum, the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, Fernbank Museum (Altanta), and more.

L'Heureux works in multiple mediums, photography, painting, mixed media and collage. L’Heureux admitted that she felt most galleries prefer working artists who create with one or two mediums. “There are photography galleries, galleries where the director personally likes paintings or conceptual works, explained the artist. “When I work with a gallery the director often only has interest in one of my series of work and both of us are comfortable.” For more info about J.J. L'Heureux, see both of her websites
http://www.jjlheureux.com/  http://www.penguinspirit.com

Gallery director Om Bleicher happens to be a terrific artist himself, and understands the plight of the artist. For the LA Art Show, gallery director Om Bleicher has chosen to spotlight L’Heureux’s Bergy Bit Series.

“bG Gallery will feature new artists to the gallery,” explained Bleicher.  “Christopher Mudget’s cubist tinged sentimental expressive works, and Campbell Laird's striking new digital abstraction, Barbara Kolo's abstract/landscape optical pointilist works, Dan Busta's optical dotted nude photography, Philip Vaughan's thorough composed abstractions, Linda Smith’s colorful ceramic crossovers, Nancy Larrew;s ironic mixed media sculptures JJ L'Huereux's nature documentary abstractions to name a few of the goodies we're looking forward to introducing in what we hope to be a very significant milestone for the LA Art Show.”

See image:  Gay Summer Rick_Moon Ahead_Oil on Canvas 12 x 12 in

Although Gay Summer Rick has previously shown her work at the LA Art Show, this will be her first time with bG Gallery. “Om has selected several paintings from my "City and Coast" series and from my "Night and Day" series,” said the artist. “I'm excited about having this work at the LA Art Show because I think that the urban images resonate with people. The paintings depict the quiet side of LA life. These pieces can be a reminder to take a moment to absorb just how beautiful our city is - power lines against glowing skies, a flood of headlights on the the streets at dusk, the reflections on the bay of a moon rising over the city. It is the LA that people don't often think about.”

bG Gallery’s booth (# 827) http://santamonica.bgartdealings.com/

Show dates: January 14 – 18, 2015 Tickets are $20 at door; all weekend passes are available as well as tickets to the opening night benefit. The Los Angeles Jewelry, Antique & Design Show will will run simultaneously with the LA Art Show at the Los Angeles Convention Center, South Hall, 1201 Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA 90015. See http://www.laartshow.com/

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