An Artist's Journey...Two Artists Talk About Inspiration!

Inspiration…its what propels artists to create…but it’s a different journey for each artist.

For Sona Mirzaei, a visit to San Francisco’s MOMA made a big impact on her. She explains, “It was inspiring, sometimes you can see a painting or a particular artist’s work a thousand times and it is always a different effect and the evolution of the interpretation, experience and connection are always changing, yet still a beautiful magical feeling. Jay Defeo work really stood out on this trip and was impacting as well as well as seeing Yayoi Kusama’s latest works. Kusama’s journey, life, spirit, creativity, and her passion is encouraging for any artist and especially emerging artists to never give up on your work and life pursuit.”

See image:  Sona Mirzaei   Liberty Blvd Series # 2 - Red painting  - Medium: spray paint, acrylic, metal leafing on canvas  2013 - Dimensions: 48x106

She continues, “In addition to these amazing women that have led the way for female artists, I am always moved by the establishers of abstract contemporary artwork, during my SF MOMA visit, I re-experienced Jasper Johns and Rauchenberg together which is a cosmic feeling for modern artists. Outside of the museum world, an emerging mid-level artist, Alex Couwenberg works caught my eye and is currently having an exhibition at the Andrea Schwartz Gallery in San Francisco. The symmetry, colors, patterns, etc. in his work is so vibrant, bold, and a unique concept and design execution which was motivating and inviting. I love seeing new works that look original and have their own variation of themes and speak to someone – that’s inspiring.” Sona is scheduled to show her work at Wallspace Gallery in 2014. Visit Sona Mirzaei’s website for more details on the artist. http://www.sonamirzaei.com/

Landscape photographer, Scott Tansey also finds inspiration while visiting galleries and museums. He recently attended an exhibition at the Peter Fetterman Gallery at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica. “I saw the Salgado show. Great images of Creation.”

Tansey has been taking photos for over 40 years. Inspired by legends like Ernst Haas, Ansel Adams and Minor White, he often travels to far-off place to find that perfect shot. Photography is a time consuming art and takes patience. Waiting for the right light, that perfect shot, knowing what to shoot. For Tansey, he finds it’s all about instinct. “It sounds strange, but it is mostly instinct, cites Tansey. “I go through different periods.  I am ending a Los Angeles Panorama Project.” The photographer will be showing his aerial views of the Central California Coast in the exhibition. 

Tansey currently has his photography on view at Figtree’s Café, located at 429 Ocean Front Walk in Venice. He is happy to be a part of the holiday show at the Santa Monica Art Studios. For more info about Scott Tansey, see his website at http://scotttanseyphoto.com/ http://www.santamonicaartstudios.com  

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