Two Incredible Artists Featured in Two New Exhibitions in Santa Monica!

Santa Monica…is an active participant in the Los Angeles Art Scene. Each weekend, more and more artist receptions and openings are popping up all of town. Two important Santa Monica exhibitions will feature two standout artists, photographer Nick Busco and artist Brooke Harker.

On November 15th, rock photographer Nick Busco will be showing some of his classic rock images at haleARTS S P A C E as part of a group show. In the late seventies, Busco spent years on the road touring with rock icons. He had the opportunity to photograph legends in the music business, like Freddy Mercury, Rod Stewart, Bonnie Raitt and more.

He is currently working on a documentary featuring his adventures. “I started to realize, that there are a lot of stories out there from the crew’s perspective, which includes lighting, audio and set designers, tour managers, managers, production and stage managers, and security, explained Busco. “I was also seeing that some of the old timers were leaving this life and it struck me that this needed to be documented.”

So he started making calls, and re-connecting with many of his old friends. The response was overwhelmingly positive admits Busco. “I am going to start with 1969 Woodstock to about 1985, when changes in the music business happened with the advent of the CD.” 

The opening reception takes place on November 15th from 5pm to 8pm at hale ARTS S P A C E (2443 Main St. SM, 90405). The work of artists Adam Nisenson and Sandi Sharp will also be on view. The show will remain on view through November 26th.  http://www.halearts.com/    http://nickbuscophotography.com/ 

Then on Saturday, November 16th, artist Brooke Harker’s work will be featured in a group show entitled “Women Rock” at the Jeanie Madsen Gallery. Harker is looking forward to meeting the other female artists at the opening, citing, “I appreciate any forum that helps people connect with each other. I believe in a sisterhood among women. I respect and love other women even if I don't know them because they are part of this sisterhood. I know that not all women believe in this sisterhood, but I still believe and know enough women who do. It seems like this exhibit honors that sisterhood.”

See image: by Chris Schiller

The artist enjoys interacting with people both at art events as well as in the initial point of creation. Harker works in an outdoor studio, when she often has the chance to connect with neighbors and sometimes strangers who are interested in her work.

Harker talks about her art …”I am consistently drawn to painting compositions of city scenes as they are made up of strangers collaborating. I am just picking the angle to recognize what already is there.”
“Women Rock” will also feature the art of Helena Gullstrom, Tamara Leigh, Lauren Szabo, Jennifer Verge, and Robyn Horton. The opening reception takes place on Saturday, November 16th, from 6-9pm at the Jeanie Madsen Gallery (1431 Ocean Ave., in Santa Monica). The exhibition will remain on view through December 31. If you would like to attend the opening, rsvp to the gallery at  jeanie@jeaniemadsengallery.com. http://jeaniemadsengallery.com   http://www.brookeharker.com/  

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