February 15th, 2020, New Works by Gus Harper

Artist Gus Harper has been creating art for over twenty years. He is excited to show his brand new series featuring 35 new works entitled “Black Series One.” The event will be held at Harper’s studio...a perfect place to celebrate his “Black series One” exhibition and exhibit his large artworks.
This is a follow up to a show that he exhibited several years ago in which all of the paintings were white Harper recalls, “They were displayed in a space with white furniture and even the food served that night was white. And all the guests came wearing all white. So now, years later, I’m finally having a follow up show. It’s called “Black Series One” will be the next progression to that show. This exhibition is about personal evolution.”

Gus is constantly busy painting commissions, working on new series and collaborating with other artists. However, through the years, he has learned to listen to his inner voice. An idea for a new series can come at any time. Harper continues,  “Often, I am working on a new piece and in the process a new series slowly develops. It seems that I already have another series in the works for the next show already”

Harper is known for his fantastic murals. He has painted over thirty murals all over the world, and created his largest to date last year in Malibu. In the early days of an upcoming project led the LA County Probation Department, Harper was commissioned to paint a 600-foot long wall. Harper was given a blank slate to create - an unusual, yet exciting and daunting opportunity for any artist. When asked if he drew out a sketch first, he replied. “No, I just let it flow.” Harper explained that he made a conscious choice to not pre-plan anything. “I wanted to just let the images come out of me. I saw some perplexed expressions on peoples faces when they asked me what I was going to paint, and I told him that I did not know yet. But luckily Harry had faith in me.” He added that allowing his creative flow to come out organically kept him from feeling restricted. You can view another mural on Pico (33rd Street) just off the 10 freeway.

The artist reception takes place at his studio on February 15, 2020, from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Gus Harper’s Art Studio is located at 2900 Airport Ave. studio F, Santa Monica 90405 - the entrance is on the west side of the building). The exhibition will remain on view through February 19, 2020; Call for an appointment (310-699-9509) to stop in to see the exhibition. Find out more about the artist, and his upcoming events and exhibitions on his website http://gusharperart.com/

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