The Upper West Restaurant Presents “Blast" by Larry Wolf on Sunday September 15th, 2019

Larry Wolf painting
On Sunday, September 15, 2019, the Upper West Restaurant hosts an artist reception for “Blas,” a solo exhibition by Larry Wolf. The artist happens to be a long time diner of the restaurant. He had an incredible meal the first week that the restaurant opened back in 2010. “The amazing thing was you couldn’t tell that they had just opened from the care and service that I received. It wasn’t until I left and engaged with the owner that I discovered that he had just opened.”
When asked what his favorite dish is, he replied. “The food is so exceptional and eclectic that it’s hard to have just one favorite dish, the hamburger is excellent and the appetizers are items that you can’t find in any other restaurant on the west side.”

Wolf is looking forward to the big day. He has attended many of the past art receptions and said he enjoyed speaking with other artists. Wolf has been painting for over twenty years and loves to work with acrylic paints. “Acrylic paint allows me to work on multiple pieces at the same time. The ability to switch from one composition to another challenges my mind and my creativity.” He added that working with acrylic allows him to build up an area of the artwork, and it dries quickly. He talks about the inspiration for one his works entitled Explosion. “Often, when I'm searching for an answer to a problem, my mind feels as though it's exploding with hundreds of thoughts simultaneously.  I wanted to capture that maelstrom of ideas on canvas just as my brain was experiencing "the burst."

Explosion, Acrylic on untreated campus, 48” x 72”
Wolf said he enjoys painting on untreated canvases which allows him to paint on both sides with very different results. Color is also an important part of his process. Sometimes he inserts additional found materials, creating a mixed media artwork. “My work is always so unpredictable. Whether it be the result of using untreated campus or silkscreen, both produce unpredictable and varied results. Not knowing what will be produced allows me to be continually surprised by the result. Surprise is a significant factor that is a part of my work. That element of surprise creates results otherwise not achievable by planning.”

Don’t miss the opening reception of "BURST" featuring the art of Larry Wolf. The free event takes place on Sunday September 15, 2019, at the Upper West. The artist will be in attendance. The Upper West, 3321 Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica 90404; 310 586-1111; https://theupperwest.com/ https://www.abrushwiththelaw.com

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