July 20, 2019, Montana Avenue Art Walk is Back!

The Montana Avenue Art Walk takes place this Saturday, July 20th, from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., and runs from 17th Street to 7th Street. 

Most of the shops will be open and offering some specials for the day. The merchants have pooled their efforts together to create a fantastic art walk event. Featuring local artists in many of the boutiques, you can also find artists exhibiting their work at tables on the sidewalks along Montana Avenue. Live music will also be a part of this festive day, along with special sales and treats from many of the merchants.

Jane - Montana (1607 Montana Ave.) will be bustling. Owner and operator Peggy Sella does it all. She currently runs two locations. Sella opened a second store in Santa Monica after the success of her first shop in Tarzana. Hence, she is kept pretty busy, but still has time to be on the board of the Montana Avenue Merchants. 
(from left to right) Sales Associates Sheila Nilou, and Kiana Achoy at Jane Montana
The July 20th art walk will be her sixth year to participate. “This has always been a well-attended event and an enjoyable afternoon filled with varying forms of art and music,” said Sella. Many businesses will offer treats and have special sales, along with hosting visual artists. She added “We will be serving Frose! Frozen Rose!”

Artist Niki Pilkington will be exhibiting her artwork at Jane. Pilkington is a Welsh illustrator based in Los Angeles whose art features fashion forward images. Jane’s front window will be decorated with Niki’s colorful prints. 

image (right) Niki Pilkington’s artwork on sale at Jane Montana

Niki said she tries to keep her art reasonably priced. “I believe that affordable art is really important especially as so many of my customers are young.” Stop by Jane’s to meet the artist who will be there most of the day. Jane, 1607 Montana Ave.

Additional stores such as Curated (1603 Montana Avenue) will feature the work of Eva Montealegre, who said she is excited to participate in the art walk. Montealegre will be exhibiting five of her paintings.

Image (left) Eva Montealgre, Ancient Habitat 2, 36”x24” oil & acrylic on canvas

Bardonna Restaurant (1601 Montana Ave) will also be part of the art walk. Owner Joshua Pourgol said he is looking forward to participating in the annual event. With four locations (Downtown, Larchmont Village, Brentwood) the popular eatery keeps his hands full. Kat & the Jazz Birds will be performing outside of the restaurant from 12 – 4:00 pm. Bardonna Restaurant,1601 Montana Ave.

Works by contemporary artist Gianfranco Cioffi can be found at Rangoni Shoes, 1510 Montana Avenue. Originally from Italy, Cioffi creates his original art with calligraphy pens, brushes, bamboo stick, pastels, Sumi ink and watercolors.

Also in close proximity…the Brentwood Art School will be selling all types of art on the corner of 15th Street and Montana.

“My work is inspired by taking the broken and discarded, and finding the beauty in it. The work is always inspired by inner strength. Usually in the form of a woman,” said artist Anahid Boghosian, who will have a display table featuring her art set up on 12th and Montana Avenue.

Image: (right) Anahid Boghosian, Private Prison, 16" x 28" acrylic and ink on canvas

As stated on her website, Boghosian is obsessed with exploring and exploiting the not so pretty elements that surround us. “I have always thought that there is beauty in imperfections. The discolored, the torn, and the weathered. I find this is what makes a thing worthy to behold. My art explores those complexities.”

Also on 12th Street in front of Door to Door Cleaners…take in some live music by We the Folk.

Don’t miss Ten Women Gallery…there is so much wonderful art to see here…and it’s all for sale. This gallery is an artist-run collective and is celebrating twenty-five years. The work of over twenty artists are currently showcased at Ten Women, featuring all types of mediums. 

Image (left) Ten Women Gallery celebrates 25 years!

There will be art inside and out, so take some time to take it all in. Artist Tanya Micaela will be exhibiting her collage art in the front window of Ten Women Gallery, 1128 Montana Ave
BrendaHimmel Stationery, located at 1126 Montana Ave, has been a part of the Montana Avenue community for over thirty years. Stop in to see the art of Jodi Fuchs.

NWLA Bridal will be featuring the paintings of Fransisco Atig. NWLA Bridal, 1107 Montana Ave. To Wag For, 923 Montana Ave will showcase pet portraits by Emma Sage. 
Be sure to stop into TEXTURE: the Sweater Store & More to hear some live music and to view the photography of Sossi Madzounian. Jane Walker, manager of Texture: A Sweater store and More said “I love the Montana Avenue Art Walk for the pure aesthetics of it…joining with local artists and turning our tree lined Avenue into a 11 block fine art gallery.” The artists will be mixing her large photos in with the hanging displays throughout the store. “Everything goes together so the art and clothing complement each other and it truly has a gallery feel.” TEXTURE: the Sweater Store & More, 716 Montana Ave. See FB page.

On Saturday, July 20, 2019, take a little time for yourself…Enjoy the Montana Avenue Art Walk, while supporting local artists and the Santa Monica community. The art walk takes place from 17th Street to 7th Street. It begins at 10:00 a.m. and runs until 7:00 p.m. Find out more on the Montana Avenue website. http://montanaave.com

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