November 24, 2018, “Mirrors of the Mind 7: The Psychotherapist as Artist”

The annual event “Mirrors of the Mind 7: The Psychotherapist as Artist” is set to be hosted by Santa Monica Art Studios this year. The event was founded by colleagues Pamela J. McCrory, PhD, and Terry Marks Tarlow PhD, and is sponsored by the Community Outreach Committee (COC) of the Los Angeles County Psychological Association (LACPA).
The exhibition continues to celebrate the intersection of psychology, arts and culture, and is open to both doctors, therapists and students working within the psychology community. LACPA’s mission is to foster a culture of inclusiveness and respect for diversity in the organization and its community outreach efforts. Mirrors of the Mind does just that and will include all art forms

 “The quality of the art remains high, and we continue to be happy to launch our artists out into the world,” said Marks-Tarlow, co-founder and curator, has been participating as an artist in the event since inception. Pamela McCrory, co-founder and co-curator, said it has been an honor to watch the event evolve through the years. “My own creativity has grown, and making art is now a part of my week, a sanctuary for well-being, play and personal growth.”

Pamela kirst, Infinite Folds, 9½ x14" photo 

The group exhibition will feature a variety of artists such as the work of painter Kristen Wright LMFT,  who has been painting since she was five years old. She currently works in oil, acrylic, and water color. Photographer Pamela Kirst, PhD, will feature a work called Infinite Folds, which is the final image in a series of photographs called The Fungi Family. “My fascination with them came about because they just appeared one day in my psychology office (found sharing the pot of one of her plants) to my consternation and then amazement…and refused to leave.”

Robin Walker LMFT, is another painter included in the show. “I make stories with my paintings - they have a strong sense of narrative. He is currently working on a series called “Strongmen” featuring men lifting weights, wearing power suits / military uniforms. “I’m attracted to this image because, psychologically, they just want to be liked, but it’s hard for men to admit to this,” said Walker.

Dr. Claire Vines PSY. D., "Woman of the World" 36” 28” Oil on Canvas

Claire Vines, PsyD has participated each year since “Mirrors of the Mind,” was first created. She said she found it both honoring and validating. She added “Creating art is part of my life journey.”

This year’s opening art party takes place on November 24th 2018, from 6:00 - 9:00 p.m. at Santa Monica Art Studios, 3026 Airport Avenue, SM, 90405. Enjoy live music and poetry. Admission to the event is $10.00 per person or $5.00 for students and LACPA members. The exhibition will remain on view from November 21 through December 1, 2018. There is no admission charge during daily viewing. The gallery will be open from Wednesdays through Saturdays from 1- 6 p.m. (except Thanksgiving).  Visit the website to find out more about LACPA and the upcoming exhibition - http://www.lapsych.org

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