Montana Ave Art Walk and Music Festival is back Thursday, July 21, 2016

Save tJuly21-2016-updatedFlyer-MontanaAveArtWAlkhe Date...Thursday, July 21, 2016 Montana Ave Art Walk and Music Festival takes place once again.

It's summer and it's a great time to head to Santa Monica to enjoy local artists and musicians up and down Montana from 7th Street all the way up to about 17th....

Montana Ave will be buzzing from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm with many of the businesses participating in the event as well as bands and local performers.

Shops like Texture: A Sweater Store and More, Partner's Trust, Sweet Lady Jane, Golden Wellness, Ten Women Gallery, and more will all be open late to take part of the FREE art event.

StarThurs-July16-Texture-scarves.jpbt on the bottom end of Montana and pop by Texture: the Sweater Store and More.

If you are not familiar with this store, Texture is known for its beautiful scarves (in addition to it's fab sweaters).

The store will be offering some sweet deals...Buy a wrap for the summer....a great accessory item to have while you are spending the day at the beach. Perhaps you'd like to stay for the sunset.? Of course they also have fabulous sweaters...light ones too....perfect to throw in you beach bag for the evening.

TEXTURE: the Sweater Store & More is located at 716 Montana Ave., Santa Monica, CA; (310) 393-0707; See FB page.
Head East up the avenue...

Guitarist Peter Skrabak will be performing at the Shade Store. He'll be playing some classical and standards. A classically trained guitarist, Skrabak starting playing at just seven years of age and played his first professional gig at fourteen. He worked as a bassist early on, and has played just about every style of music.

Skrabak has built a successful career here in the U.S. He has lived and performed in a variety of places, even Hawaii. He is a noted songwriter as well. Skrabak worked with legendary sax player Hollis Gentry, and while in the band, he wrote a song (NO PODRAS) which was performed by Gentry and would later become a huge international hit for the Mexican artist Cristian Castro.  http://www.peterskrabak.com

The Shade Store, 1001 Montana Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90403 - Los Angeles County (310) 526-8611; https://www.theshadestore.com/

Continue East to find the Swinging Cool Cats will be performing just outside Palmetto.

RickBryanPicThe trio features Rick Bryan drummer and bandleader who has 30 years experience Pro, specializing in reactive spontaneous blues and jazz drumming.

Musician Tadg Galleran (Piano/Organ) will also be featured. Galleran was an original member of the Cast of HAIR. He has played with Peter Tork of Monkees fame and several stints with The King Brothers, Bernie Pearl, Ray Goren and many others.

Palmetto, 1034 Montana Ave, Santa Monica, California 90403; (310) 395-6687; FB Page;

Ten Women Gallery will also be participating....of course. This a vibrant artist's co-operative gallery currently showcases over twenty local women artists. You know they will be out in full force showing all the beautiful art. It's a great place to purchase gifts for birthdays or hostess gifts for all those summer parties.  Come on kids...support the arts!
Ten Women Gallery, 1128 Montana Ave., 310-393-6254; www.tenwomengallery.com

Golden Wellness Rx Pharmacy is featuring a sale on Jewelry and accessories. As well as offering some samples of Republic of Tea (Double Green Matcha Tea & Super Green tea-Serenity). The Pharmacy will showcase the portraits, landscapes, and abstract art of Jenna Cahn; www.jennacahn.com

Golden Wellness Rx Pharmacy, 1202 Montana Ave., Unit C, Santa Monica, 90403; www.GoldenWellnessRx.com

Atjuly16-milo-picby-luz1 Lucy, stop by to see performer guitarist Milo Gonzalez. He is self-taught in both classical guitar and flamenco guitar. Gonzalez has performed at well known music festivals such as Coachella, Lightning in a Bottle, Electric Picnic, Boom Festival, and Farmaid.  https://soundcloud.com/milo-gonzalez. Lucy, 1230 Montana Ave., (310) 255-9994;

Michael Stars will be open as well...The fashion store specializes in contemporary clothing with luxury essentials for LA's hip beach lifestyle. They will be offering a 30 % discount throughout the store for tonight's event. Michael Stars, 1233 Montana Ave; 310-260-5558; http://www.michaelstars.com/

Kat and the Jazz Birds will be performing jazz standards and some blues as well as some old time swing. The band feature seasoned players, Bob Crickmore on keys, Al Rappoport on Sax, Gary Fitzgerald (subbing for Mike Flick - in photo) and Mitch Montrose on drums.

You wCropped-JazzBirds-PartnersTrust-MontanaAveill recognize some well known melodies such as All of Me, My funny Valentine, Fever, Fly me to the Moon, Almost like Being in Love and more. We will also be paying tribute to legendary artists such as Peggy Lee, Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald, Wanda Jackson and more.

For more information about Kat & the Jazz Birds, and my four other bands at www.KathyLeonardo.com

Partner's Trust, 1333 Montana Ave Santa Monica, CA; (310) 382-8500; http://www.thepartnerstrust.com/

Of course you may have your favorite store on Montana....so come on out and visit. The event runs from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

Enjoy the live music and stroll down the Avenue (from 6th to 17th). See ya out there. http://montanaave.com/

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