Wednesday, September 9th, Celebrate the Grand Opening of Whole Life Balance, with Drip iv Therapy!

Despite plastic surgery tragedies such as the Joan Rivers surgery debacle, some Hollywood personalities are still willing to take their chances by going under the knife. However there is a new generation heading into the horizon that prefers forward thinking type services like IV drips which offer rejuvenation from the inside out.

Shane Griffin, owner of Whole Life Balance and a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, knows first hand that wellness starts from within. His company’s motto is "At WLB we treat the Whole person not just the symptoms." 

Photo: Shane Griffin

This Wednesday, September 9th at 5:00 pm Whole Life Balance will celebrate its grand opening and ribbon cutting (6:00 pm) with the Santa Monica chamber of Commerce and the local community. Stop in to meet Griffin and find out more about the revolutionary services that Whole Life Balance is offering.

Whole Life Balance has had an online presence for over two years. The center opened just over a month ago and has thus far attracted a local clientele due to its wide range of services. Whole Life Balance offers something for everyone. In addition to its cutting edge IV drips, it also provides acupuncture, massage therapy, personal training, advanced nutritional consulting, a weight room, pilates, even aerial yoga and then some.
But probably the most innovative service Whole Life Balance provides is the IV drips. Everyday people can reap the benefits of these simple solutions to fatigue, cold or flu, headaches, weight gain, and low functioning immune systems and many other issues. Cancer patients have benefitted enormously from the drips, while people with circulatory issues, and Lyme disease patients have also seen wonderful results. While many of us often celebrate a bit too much, there is also a drip to help one recover from a night of excessive drinking.

 Business owner Laura Coones (Moccasin Management, Inc) regularly comes in for IV Drips.” As a fitness enthusiast and NPC Bikini Competitor, I train hard and sometimes eat a very restrictive diet. This can wreak havoc on both my body physically and emotionally. Since beginning IV Drip Therapy at Whole Life Balance, my overall heath has vastly improved!  I have more energy, less mood swings, sleep better (which is essential when weight training) and an overall positive mindset and attitude.  For women like me who prone to hormonal change and imbalances as we grow older, I can't put a number on how valuable Whole Life Balance's personalized nutritional IV therapy has become to me." www.moccasin.tv

Photo: Laura Coones 

Whole Life Balance will be a presenting sponsor for the Well Being Buy Local Festival in Santa Monica on September 12th (Santa Monica Civic Center parking lot – corner of Pico & Main St., 11-4pm). It is also a flagship sponsor for the Great Strides Walk Santa Monica for Cancer coming up on October 24th and will be raising a goal of 35k for the 5k Walk. The event will be held on the Santa Monica Pier (200 Santa Monica Pier) at 10:00am.

Enjoy a little luxury, in your busy day….head to Whole Life Balance with Drip iv Therapy, located at 507 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 101, Santa Monica, CA 90401. To find out more about the services of this wellness center, stop in on Wednesday, September 9th for a glass of wine and meet locals in your community. Whole Life Balance officially launched its grand opening starting at 5:00 pm with a ribbon cutting at 6:00pm. Whole Life Balance is a proud member of the Santa Monica chamber of Commerce.  888.540.5714   www.wholelifebalance.com


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