Saturday, August 22, 2015 Gabba Gallery Presents "Wood Metal Screw"

The Gabba Gallery presents the 2nd “Wood Metal Screw” exhibition on Saturday, August 22, 2015.

Owner Jason Ostro and co-curator of the group exhibitions explained, “’Wood Metal Screw’ is an incredible art show that pushes the boundaries of the mediums artists use.”

The artists involved, some new to The Gabba Gallery and some veterans are all special for what they do.  Creating a show around art created on any medium except for canvas is easy for some and harder for others, but these artists perfected it. From Christopher James, reclaimed metal sculpturist, artist Shane Blake, amazing street installer, his metal sculpture designs have been adorning places all over the west coast. Artist Toshee and his incredible mixed media designs. To artist Jennifer Verge, reclaimed wood and mixed media designer. 

Verge has been drawn to working on wood for the past six years. Incorporating found objects, the artist adds positive phrases to compliment her work. “it’s more about ideas, keeping your inspiration and imagination alive, trying to figure out what you have to say in a new and innovative way.” Verge first comes up with a concept, which determines the size. “Texture also plays an important role with the found objects, metal, wood,” said Verge. “I will start playing around piecing it all together.” The artwork is then created. 

Verge did not always work on wood, she used to paint on canvas, but once she started working on wood, she never went back. “I really loved Mixed Media, and express what I was really thinking and feeling.”

See image: Basquiat-Mixed Media, 36 x2 9

This work was inspired by Jean Michel Basquiat …as Verge puts it “a true original, a risk taker with a style that is truly genius.”  

This will be the 2nd time that Verge has shown at the Gabba Gallery. She has also shown at FABstudio in Santa Monica, and at Santa Monica Art Studios. To find out more info about Jennifer Verge visit her website at http://jenniferverge.com/

Deirdre Sullivan-Beeman is a self-taught figurative painter who uses modified oil and egg tempera techniques of the 14th Century Old Masters to create her magical-realism works.

See image: Deirdre Sullivan-Beeman, “Gun Girl,” oil and egg tempera on wood; 20.5” x 26.5” (framed)

Sullivan-Beeman choose to create strong female characters in her art. “My paintings' hero typically takes a feminine form. She is usually young, hauntingly innocent, and teetering on the edge of naïveté. This piece ‘Gun Girl’ juxtaposes my classic subject choice with the backdrop of recent news event.”

The concept of the exhibit works well with the art of
Sullivan-Beeman. Since I paint with egg tempera I am prohibited from using canvas - they are not compatible. I usually use wood or Dibond (aluminum metal) to paint on. I am excited to see a show that doesn’t use canvas.”

Co-curator Phil Santos said he was looking forward to the opening. “We have street artists that have painted murals in the Gabba Arts District, like Phobik and Clinton Bopp . We have seasoned fine artists/curators like Juri Koll and Nathan Cartwright. We have several incredible newcomers to The Gabba Gallery like Deirdre Sullivan-Beeman, and Jennifer Celio…and over 40 more talented artists.

Santos is also a talented artist and created a work featuring a local homeless man. “My experience as an artist professionally started 14 years ago when I was 20. I had drawn and dabbled in the arts before then but at 20, I started walking down the path of making it a life journey. I have been curating for the past year and it has been an eye opening experience to work on this side of the business. I definitely encourage other artists to do the same.”  Visit his Instagram: @jasonostro 

See image: Phil Santos, 6"x6". Oil on wood

Artists include: Christopher Slaymaker, Nate Otto, Phobik, Cody Bayne, Max Neutra, HERO, Toshee, Clinton Bopp, Allison Isenberg, Spacegoth, Jennifer Verge, Pastey Whyte, Steven Lopez, Lisa Derrick, Peter Goode, Nathan Cartwright, Juri Koll, Jennifer Celio, L. Croskey, Joey Rotten, James Johnson, Deirdre Sullivan-Beeman, Ken Brayden Matthews, Carly Ealey, Ken Dougherty, Michael Christy, Phobik, JSpot Jr., Blake Shane, Scott Groome, Save the Panduhs, Kophns, and many more.

“Wood Metal Screw” opens on August 22 and will be on view through September 19, 2015.  A reception for the artists is on Saturday, August 22, 7 - 11 p.m. with special guest DJ Jonathan Williams, and is sponsored by 7/11, Hubert’s and Perrier. http://www.thegabbagallery.com/

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