Leica Gallery in West Hollywood Presents the Photography of Scott Tansey & Manuel Pandalis

This Saturday, August 2nd, Leica Gallery offers two solo exhibitions featuring the photography of Scott Tansey and Manuel Pandalis.
Scott Tansey is a landscape artist…he has shot in several formats creating many eclectic series featuring scenes from all over the world. His Rose series attracted much attention, as well as his incredible panoramic photography from his travels to Patagonia Chile, South America, Europe, etc. His upcoming solo show, “Los Angeles Panoramas” brings him back to his origins…Los Angeles.

“I am working on a super wide angle series of Los Angeles and environs, explains Tansey.” Always searching for the perfect shot, the photographer keeps busy planning his next venture. “I just went to the Bay Area, and I took a lot of images. I will be going to Maine this Autumn to shoot the fall colors and the different landscapes.”  

Tansey continues to study his craft and admits he has learned a tremendous amount from John Paul Caponigro. “My post-production is just as important as my image capture with my work.” For more information about Scott Tansey, see his website at

Gallery manager, Annie Seaton has been working at the Los Angeles Leica store and gallery since it started. “I think it is the most fantastic gallery space,” reveals Seaton, “And absolutely incredible that not only Leica has invested in making a true LA Center for Photography but that they chose me to fulfill this mission”

Leica is gaining both national and international popularity across the globe. In addition to the Los Angeles store, Washington DC and Leica Miami offer gallery spaces. The galleries share artists and traveling exhibitions explained Annie Seaton, Gallery Manager. “Mary Ellen Mark prints just returned from being shown in Miami and were shown in DC last November. I believe Mary Ellen Mark spoke in DC and did a photography workshop in Miami last April. This is the future for Leica Galleries. We also sent our Peter Turnley prints "French Kiss" to San Francisco for the opening in August and he will speak there and do a book signing as he did here last May.”

Seaton runs the gallery and carefully curates each exhibit. “I actually met Scott Tansey initially when I was Associate Director at dnj Gallery and then we bumped into each other at our Grand Opening party, explains Seaton. “Scott photographs with Leica's 'S' system and is a client of our store as well.”

Seaton talks about the upcoming exhibit, “Both Scott and Manuel use the Leica 'S' Camera system our Medium format camera. So in essence this is our 'S' exhibition for 'Summer.'”

See image: by Manuel Pandalis

Manuel Pandalis, born in 1972 in Brilon, Germany has been involved in photography since his early twenties. Working as a photographer’s assistant, he quickly moved up to shooting his own photography. He specializes in fashion and portraits working with fashion designers. His work has been published in various international magazines.

An artist reception will be held commemorating Scott Tansey’s “Los Angeles Panoramas” and Manuel Pandalis’ exhibition, “Pure” this Saturday, August 2nd from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Leica Gallery Los Angeles is located at 8783 Beverly Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 9004). 424.777.0341,

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