Jeanie Madsen Gallery & Cannibal Flower Present "I heART LA" Friday, June 20th!!

This Friday, June 20th, celebrate Los Angeles Artists at the Jeanie Madsen Gallery. "I heART LA" is a group exhibition co-curated by Jeanie Madsen and Cannibal Flower.

Jeanie Madsen opened her gallery in 2009. For this show, “I heART LA,” she has invited L.Croskey, founder of Cannibal Flower to co-curate. Madsen has a generous spirit and like Croskey has helped many emerging artists. She insists that Los Angeles tends to be more open minded to all types of art. “There is a sense of freedom to create whatever you want, not just paying attention to hype and what might sell,” says Madsen. “I support artist's that fit my niche, which is Contemporary Urban/Pop/Street. I like "fresh" cutting edge art that's never been seen before.”

John S. Reynolds is among the many talent artists whose work will be featured in the group show. Reynolds has been creating art most of his life. He was encouraged by his grandparents as a youngster and was painting before he even attended kindergarten. 

Image: by John S. Reynolds, Oil Fields and Orchards, 30” x 40” Oil on Canvas

He predominately works with oils but on occasion has used acrylics. He has also dabbled in other mediums. ”In my younger days I was a paper mache guru, selling my pieces at a booth in the Laguna Beach Sawdust Festival,” says the artist.

In addition to being a painter, Reynolds is also an active musician, earning his living as a jazz guitarist. Raised in Pasadena and Laguna Beach, Reynolds was always drawn to the romance of “Old Hollywood” and features much of its glory days in his work. Inspiration for his painting often comes to him in many ways. “With my music career, I have had the opportunity to travel all over the world but I have continuously worked in California, primarily in Southern California,” explains Reynolds. “While I know change is inevitable, I have stored memories in my head of “how it used to be. When driving back and forth through California playing music, I realized that I want to preserve these memories and share them. As a 4th Pasadena, California boy, I feel almost as if it is my responsibility to do this.” To find out more about the art of John Reynolds, see his website at http://www.johnsreynolds.com/

See image: Edo Ghettoblaster, 24”x36”   Oil and Aerosol on Wood

Artist, Ken Flewellyn’s work will also be featured in “I heART LA.” He explains, I’ll be showing one piece in the upcoming group exhibit titled ‘Edo Ghettoblaster.’ It’s one of my recent works in a series of hip hop geisha I’ve been painting.” Flewellyn's works primarily in oil paint on wood panel…he is also an illustrator. He continues, “My work is fueled by my love for hip-hop and a fascination with Japanese art and culture; really exploring the junction of cultures long past and contemporary subcultures.” For more info, see his website at www.kenflewellyn.com 

The street artist Chase will also have two of his works in the show. 'Pattern Bonanza' and 'King for a Night' were both created with spray paint on custom birch panel. Chase met Madsen through a mutual friend and has shown before at her gallery. 

See image: by Chase, Pattern Bonanza, 36" x 36" spray paint on custom birch panel

Additional artists to be featured are: Lauren Szabo, Federico Janni, Helena Gullstrom, Dale Mathis, Janna Stern, Paul Ben Victor, Carolyn Hollingsworth, Ken Brayden Mathews, Scott Horton, Robyn Horton, Delfin Finley, Billy Pacak, Phil Santos, Valerie Pobjoy, Kohshin Finley, Jon Measures, Jaclyn Rose, L. Croskey, Jennifer Korsen, Terry Ziegelman, Adam Abraham, Patrick Hammerlien, Cody Lusby, Leslie Miranda, Mary Ancilla Martinez, Spenser Little, Amy Smith, Ana Medina, Stephan Canthal, Erik Flores, Mark Forby, etc.

Don’t miss the artist reception and art party this Friday, June 20th from 7:00-10:00pm at the Jeanie Madsen Gallery, 1431 Ocean Ave., in Santa Monica. Mr. Numberonederful will be spinning and the night will feature a performance from London Shover.  RSVP is necessary as there is limited space. RSVP to  jeanie@jeaniemadsengallery.com  For more info see http://www.jeaniemadsengallery.com/

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