What's New for KTR Promo in 2012?

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Hi guys....Leslie here. Though I am no where near as prolific as Kathy, since I am now taking over KTR Promo, I promise to do my best. The little dynamo, who I call Leonardomite has moved on to pursue her writing. Congrats Kathy.

Each month, I will be posting PR/Business idea updates. Basically I will be talking about how to help your business attract more attention. This is what PR is all about, which is what I do.

I have been away with my family for almost a month in Italy....my absolute favorite place to go. It was a dream vacation, but now I am back to the grind, like everyone else.

It's a New Year with new goals....so what will you do to help your business in 2012? Yes, Facebook, Twitter and Link-in all help, but everyone does it...and do they show off  your business in the best light? How do you, or your business want the general public to see you as? This is entirely up to you. Unless you take charge and decide right now, how you would like show yourself, your work, your business, your brand, you will fall through the cracks with all the other generic entities.

Whether you are a one person business or one hundred person business, it is up to you to stand apart from the crowd. It doesn't matter if you are in the food industry, the art industry, textile or retail sales. Perhaps you are an artist, crafts person or performer...all of these occupations can benefit greatly with a PR Business Plan.

I will be posting some monthly marketing suggestions for you and your business.

Let's start with a simple....obvious one. Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Is there something that you, or your business can do for that holiday? If you are an artist or performer...perhaps you have some artwork or a CD that would make a great gift? GET ON IT! If you are a restaurant or bar? GET SOME SPCECIALS GOING! if  you are a graphic person, designer, etc...OFFER A PERSONAL CARD, OR OBJECT....perfect for Valentines Day.

If you are strapped for ideas....feel free to email me at ktrpromo@yahoo.com.  Good luck....GO out and GET some business. If you desire PR, my door is always open!

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